Wapen van Norodwijkerhout terras

Het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

Experience the taste of het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout.
Established in 1869 and well known as a concept in the bulb region.

You can come to us for an intimate dinner, a delicious lunch or a nice meal with friends and family.
Our kitchen is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
Looking for a place to host a meeting, to spend the night or to organise a big party? Anything is possible at het Wapen!

We are recognised for quality and creativity. Our kitchen is opened 7 days a week.
Everyone is welcome to enjoy the great hospitality het Wapen has to offer!

Justin Brama

Marit Kruse


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For everyone. Every day.

Going out to dinner at het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout is possible every day. Our kitchen is open from 11:00 am untill 09:30 p.m. for the diner. [menu]

Making a reseveravation is recommended. You can reach us at 0252-372389..

Together we will
make it unforgettable.

Book a table

To book a table Call us 0252 372389

Hall Wapenstaete

Hall Wapenstaete

Het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout has its own internal hall since August 2014. The beautiful Wapenstaete is rentable for all sorts events, for example:

  • An extensive lunch, dinner or buffet for the maximum of 50 guests.
  • When requested we can arrange a three course for large groups from 15 persons.
  • Trendy: Are you looking for a unique experience? How about a Walking Dinner for the maximum of 70 guests? While you’re making nice conversation with your friends, family or co-workers small dishes will be served. The dishes can be served in 5, 6, or 7 courses, with or without a wine arrangement. Anything is negotiable.
  • A big party, a baby shower, a wedding or a reception for the maximum of 120 guests.
  • High tea or high wine from groups of 10 guests.
  • A meeting, teambuilding or any other corporate event.
  • A condolance or a farewell reception for your loved ones.

More to celebrate?

Whatever you want, we can make it happen. We even cater events. Theme parties, bachelor parties, kid’s parties or a shot night. Wat u ook wilt, wij denken graag met u mee. Zelfs voor catering kunt u bij ons terecht. Of voor themafeesten, vrijgezellenavonden, kinderpartijtjes of een shotjesavond. The sky is the limit. During a personal meeting we will discuss all of your wishes. Together we will make it unforgettable.

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From a party to a departure. Together we will make it unforgettable.

Our hotel

Our hotel

Comfort and ease. Everything under one roof.

Het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout has five rooms. One of which is a family room. All rooms include a shower, toilet and cable television. And of course free Wi-Fi!

The starting price of a night’s stay costs €45,00 per person*. This includes breakfast. Our hotel is in the middle of the centre. Finding a parking spot is not a hassle because parking is free in the centre.

Would you like to explore the bulb region by bike? We offer the service to arrange the bikes for you. If you would like, we can make you a nice lunch to take out on your trip. When you come back from your trip you are welcome to join us for dinner.

*exccluding €2,30 tourist tax.

Click here to book a room or for more information call +31 (0)252-372389.


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Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

Business meeting with your co-workers.

Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

High tea with your besties.

Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

To book a table: +31 (0)252 372389

Wapen van Noordwijkerhout

Together we will Make it unforgettable.

Restaurant het Wapen van Noordwijkerhout
Dorpsstraat 14
2211 GC Noordwijkerhout

T: +31 (0)252 372389
E: info@wapenvannoordwijkerhout.nl

We are graded with a 9 on Booking.com and Google!

Het Wapen welcomes everyone Opened daily for dinner.

To book a table: +31 (0)252 372389